There is something sentimental with train rides — the comfortable speed on the railroad contrasted with the hustle of an air terminal or a packed parkway makes you want to unwind. There are notable train stations and spacious seats, in addition to the opportunity to get up and stroll around the train cart or simply sit and take in the landscape cruising by. 

You can take different train trips across the country, with stops in beautiful urban areas, memorable milestones, and public parks en route. From Napa Valley to New Britain, here are 10 of the best train travel courses in the country. 

The Wine Train of Napa Valley

The Wine Train Route in Napa valley is popular among tourists for the picturesque wine country. The original route of this rail line goes to Calistoga, a famous resort town in 1864. But now, tourists can take a 36-mile round-trip from Napa to St. Helena and back. The train leaves at McKinstry Street Station, and it travels through Napa’s industrial section, and then it goes straight to the wine country. 

The Grand Canyon Railway

This railway had become popular in 1901. It was fun and educational back then because they used to give their riders a lesson about the Wild West while viewing the Grand Canyon’s beautiful scenery. You can take this 65-mile trip to the South Rim across a plateau.

Amtrak Cascades

Cross over the country’s north border through Amtrak Cascades. This route stretches from Vancouver to Eugene, Oregon. You will also pass through Seattle and Portland along the way. You can stop in these cities to explore and then ride a train that will pass by Mount St. Helens that will cross the Columbia River Gorge.

Yukon Route Through White Pass

This 67.5-mile train trip will take you from Alaska to Canada. You will also take the same route that the Klondike stampeders took about 100 years ago. Stopping at the historic Bennett Station is a must for first-time travellers.

A Tour During Autumn in New England

If you have have a few days off, then this trip is for you. This is eight-day escorted train trip tour will take you to New England during the fall. You can visit the Plimoth Plantation and explore Mystic Seaport, New port mansions and the Rockwell Museum.

Maple Leaf Train

You can take this trip from Niagara Falls to New York City on the Maple Leaf Train by Amtrak. During the journey, you will see the beautiful scenery in Hudson River Valley, New York’s wine country and the Finger lakes region.

Tips for Train Trips

Now that we have mentioned the best train trips that you can take all over the country, it’s time to get some tips on how to maximize your train ride. And let’s also discuss other information and guides you can follow to ensure that you have a fun but safe train ride.

Use Your Time Well

America is a large country, and there are different long train trips you can take. A train trip from Winnipeg to Toronto requires 38 hours. You could board the train on a Tuesday evening and get off the train on Thursday night.

This only implies that you will have a lot of time on the train and must find a way to utilize it. You would need to plan ahead and think of different things you can do while travelling on the train. 

We suggest you bring a book to read or download your favourite playlist on Spotify. You could actually finish a novel or two if you are a fast reader in 38 hours. 

Save Up on Rail Passes

If you are planning to have a long train trip and would like to take different routes, you could save some money by buying rail passes. Rain passes have restrictions on how many trains rides you could take within a particular time, so plan your travel ahead to find out if this is the best option for you.

If you don’t want to buy rail passes, you could just purchase single tickets a few days in advance. You could always find the best deals online as long as you are active in finding promos.